Catchup with R&D at Dreamforce!

Catchup with R&D at Dreamforce!

Once again the R&D team are out in force at this year’s Dreamforce! With more sessions than ever, we have been super busy making sure we give Dreamforce and you the sessions it deserves! In addition to last year’s ongoing content we’ve been sharing, we have new content you can learn from and take away to use, where you ask? Hint: Scan the code on this article! So if you want to get to know the people behind our growing R&D teams, how we work, our thoughts and experiences on building enterprise apps on the platform these are the sessions to be at. If you cannot make it to those, tweet us or why not get in on one of our very cool social events. Our Rehab event, is where R&D will also being getting some much needed rehab! We would love to chat with you, especially if you are looking for a new software development challenge in a team that has had Salesforce development in its blood for over 6 years! tipDreamforce Developer Tip: As usual Social is going to big and with that Chatter, keep your eyes peeled for new ways to engage your users with Chatter, it is the new way to engage users in different ways. If you’ve been paying attention Publisher Actions are the latest thing in user interaction. If you’ve not been paying attention or too busy focusing on one of the many other cool things about this platform, you might want to checkout Stephen Willcock’s session Practical Introduction to Chatter Publisher Actions.

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