Why businesses are losing billions through poor customer service [infographic]

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Why businesses are losing billions through poor customer service [infographic]

Like us, our friends at NewVoiceMedia are enthusiastic about happy customers. That’s why throughout 2013, they carried out an in-depth investigation into attitudes towards customer service in the UK and US. With instant information at customers’ fingertips, it’s easier than ever to switch service providers. Through their investigation, NewVoiceMedia set out to answer a number of important questions:
  • Why do customers switch providers?
  • In which nation, UK or US, are people quickest to switch?
  • Where are customers most impatient with slow customer service?
  • Who is most likely to take to social media to share their experience?
Businesses in the UK and US are losing billions through poor customer service. In order to improve customer service, customer retention and, consequently, sales and support, it’s important for businesses to understand why customers are switching providers. The infographic below shows NewVoiceMedia’s key findings, which provide a great look into customer dissatisfaction in the UK and US. NVM_infographic_customerservice_blog1 NewVoiceMedia is a leading provider of true cloud contact centre and voice solutions, enabling businesses of all sizes to deliver a personal and unique customer experience, quickly and securely. 
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