Business unlimited: How NewVoiceMedia increased utilization by 10% and more

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Business unlimited: How NewVoiceMedia increased utilization by 10% and more

UK-based NewVoiceMedia provides telephony integration solutions that revolutionize the way organizations connect with their customers, enabling them to sell more, serve better, and grow faster. The company’s more than 700 global customers benefit from enterprise-class communications and contact center functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

As part of its path to business unlimited, NewVoiceMedia chose FinancialForce to improve the experience of its finance and services teams and to guide the company into the future.

Before using FinancialForce, NewVoiceMedia had no true picture of project health—data was stored manually using static Excel spreadsheets and Google Docs. Reporting took weeks and period close was a prolonged process with data divided across disparate systems, including Salesforce, Sage, and Midas.

Compounding these challenges, NewVoiceMedia began to experience hyper-growth as it expanded into new products and new geographies. The company turned to a suite of FinancialForce solutions (Professional Services Automation, Accounting, and Revenue Recognition) to create a single source of truth and support the company’s rapidly scaling growth.

“We can spin up new products, tack on new revenue streams, expand into new geographies—the platform scales with us.” —Guy Sochovsky, CFO, NewVoiceMedia

Newfound visibility into projects has enabled NewVoiceMedia to increase utilization 10% per consultant. Additionally, the company has seen a 12% decrease in late projects and a 15% increase in rechargeable expenses, demonstrating how FinancialForce helps teams work much more efficiently. FinancialForce also makes it easy for NewVoiceMedia to access consistent, accurate data across the organization so that everyone helps move customers along their journey, from configure-price-quote to billing and collections.

To learn more about how NewVoiceMedia has driven business unlimited with FinancialForce, see their story here.

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