BRG fills in the swiss cheese holes of utilization & availability with FinancialForce Accounting & PSA

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BRG fills in the swiss cheese holes of utilization & availability with FinancialForce Accounting & PSA

BRG, a professional services consulting firm focused on technology outsourcing and advisory services for corporate real estate, is growing very rapidly. In fact, they added 100 people in 2014 and are on track to add 100 more this year. With this hyper growth, managing their resources was a real challenge. They lacked insight into project performance and activity, and couldn’t report on their margins effectively – before implementing FinancialForce Accounting and Professional Services Automation, that is.

In this new customer video, we go onsite with BRG to learn how they’ve been able to, as BRG CFO Tim Thomas says, “fill in the swiss cheese holes of utilization and availability” by integrating their Salesforce CRM, project resources and financials all on one cloud platform. “We are rarely needing to go to contractors because we are able to optimize our full time staff, directly returning dollars to the bottom line.”

They needed something that would fit within their business model and that integrated easily with Salesforce; rather than trying to cobble together multiple clouds, they decided to go with a single cloud.

Key Takeaways:

  • Now everyone – services, operations and finance – is operating from a single system, on one cloud
  • Real-time visibility into resources, project and finances allows them to make quick decisions once an issue is spotted
  • Profit margins are easily protected thanks to 360° views and comprehensive reporting
  • New functionality and newly developed efficiencies have allowed business to expand globally and quickly
  • Resource management is more precise – no more hiring last minute contractors to fill a gap
  • Data is shared between projects and financials – eliminating entering data twice as well as processing errors – savings several days per month
  • Connecting Project data, CRM and Financials speeds up the invoice process – reducing the oldest AR aging by 35%
  • Month-end close is faster and smoother – reduced from 12-15 days down to 8-10 days – a 33% improvement
  • Reporting capabilities and visibility allows everyone involved to participate in project management and keeping billing events on track
  • Have been able to tailor the solution to fit any unique business needs without needing to hire developers for code writing
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