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Beware: Avoid an ERP FrankenCloud

In the rush to adopt cloud applications, are you building a Monster? We’d like to introduce you to Dr. Frankenstein’s tale, told dramatically in this video, highlighting the major pains that can result when lumping together disparate cloud applications on different technology stacks, resulting in an ERP frankencloud.

Dr. Frankenstein describes how he wrestled with multiple databases and managing complex interfaces.  As his technical infrastructure grew more complex, held together by complex synchronization routines and Excel spreadsheets the speed of his business slowed to that of a lumbering monster.

You’ll see the villagers rebel at being presented with multiple user interfaces and logins and are left to connect the dots themselves when trying to piece together different views of customer data. As a result, the Doctor laments his team’s  “inability to solve the simplest of customer concerns” – no wonder he ended up with a revolt on his hands.

The Doctor finds the solution.  He describes a fundamentally different cloud strategy where his CRM, ERP and homegrown custom apps live harmoniously on a single platform – the Salesforce1 Platform.  Now his team can enjoy a single user interface and a single, complete view of the entire customer journey and they can stop worrying about keeping their fragile integrations running.  I think the Doctor and his team are in a much better place now and his new architecture will support his future business strategy whatever that may be.

If you like the video then do take a look at the FrankenCloud Survival Guide and you’ll find more information on how you can also “take a more noble course”.

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