Better Together within the FinancialForce Community: Q&A with customer Lynne Stroyne

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Better Together within the FinancialForce Community: Q&A with customer Lynne Stroyne

The Community portal is really changing the way we work, the way we think about our customers and hopefully the way they think of us. Transparency and collaboration are just two of the ways that we are engaging with our customers in our mutual pursuit of success.
As our member base continues to grow, so does the engagement in the Forums, both between ourselves and our customers, but also customer to customer.

There are lots of customers in the FinancialForce Customer Community who are asking product related questions to help themselves use our products better and also sharing their own tips and best practices to help each other achieve success. These best practices can be found in their forum posts, sharing customizations they might have made or even linking to their own blog posts in the Community.  Whatever the format, our customers are finding great value in sharing with each other.

Lynne StroyneOne of our top customer members is currently Lynne Stroyne of Summa Technologies. Lynne is one of the leading customers in our community, contributing often with not only questions for her own advancement, but also offering solutions, tips and advice for others seeking information.

We asked Lynne a few questions about her involvement in the FinancialForce Customer Community, here’s what she told us:

What is your role at Summa technologies? I’m a Financial Accountant.

Tell us about your company. Summa is a digital solutions consultancy that combines its human-centered design, strategy and agile software development capabilities to power businesses and deliver engaging customer experiences.  Our strategic partnerships with technology leaders like Salesforce and IBM along with our own deep technical expertise in both on-premise and cloud applications allow us to employ the latest approaches to build the right solutions for our clients.

How do you use FinancialForce at Summa Technologies? We use PSA for project management and time collection; HCM for HR purposes (with vacation requests directly feeding into PSA for Timecards) and FFA for all of our invoicing (AR), AP, cash receipts, G/L and financial reporting, which also gets direct feeds from PSA for time collection and billing.

How does FinancialForce help you reach your goals? Now that everything is under one umbrella, we have the opportunity to create meaningful reports that are easily accessible by the senior management team.

How often do you visit the community? Every day.

How do you engage within the community? I post questions, system improvement ideas. I read other folks questions, posts and ideas and comment on them or vote for them.

Do you have any tips for our members on how to get the most out of the community? Do not be afraid to ask questions and post ideas. You will be amazed at the positive and timely responses you receive. It is also a great way to see how other folks are using the system and gives you ideas on ways you could improve your use as well.

If you too want to be involved in our fast-growing Customer Community, then you can access it via your FinancialForce Central app in your org, instructions can be found by clicking here. Meet more Community all stars like Lynne at FinancialForce Community Day 2015 in September!

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