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The ultimate Foo Fighters playlist – Dreamforce Gala edition

As we approach Dreamforce 2015, everyone is anticipating the awesome performers taking the stage at the big Dreamforce gala. Lucky for us, this year’s two headliners will be helping us rock the night away. The Foo Fighters will be joined by Gary Clark Jr. at Pier 70 in San Francisco on September 17th.

Since 1994, the Foo Fighters have captivated us with their music, producing hit after hit and making us want more every time. And soon enough, we’ll be watching them live at one of the most unique venues in San Francisco, Pier 70. The pier was occupied by shipping and cargo companies during the 1950s with over 18,000 people working each day. Today, the pier houses farmer’s markets and fairs that support local artists and food vendors.

As Dreamforce gets closer, there’s no better time to start brushing up on the Foo Fighters than now. From ‘The Pretender’ to ‘Best of You,’ here are the top 10 best songs you need to hear!

Playlist includes:

  1. The Pretender
  2. Everlong
  3. Best of You
  4. Learn to Fly
  5. Something From Nothing
  6. Walk
  7. My Hero
  8. Rope
  9. Monkey Wrench
  10. Times Like These

See you there!

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