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#AwesomeAdmin: 8 reasons why a single cloud platform matters to you

As an #AwesomeAdmin, you’re expected to support multiple parts of the business. Unfortunately, you know all too well that organizations are selecting applications that run on separate databases with different user interfaces and security models – taking up too much of your time with system integrations and making your job a whole lot more difficult.

Sure, your line of business leader may have opted for cloud applications versus ancient on-premise systems. However, cobbling together separate cloud platforms is just a new version of an old monster – an ERP Frankencloud.

If you love Salesforce, how #awesome would it be to manage other business applications built with that same interface, within the same ecosystem and same customer database? Pretty #awesome if you ask us. In fact, investing in a single platform — specifically the Salesforce Platform — for your business apps will help you stop spending time on tedious administrative tasks and more time maximizing Salesforce.

Below are the top 8 reasons why having a single cloud platform should matter to you. Click on the image to download the full infographic:

  1. Identity, security and scalability
  2. Single shared customer master record
  3. Actionable social feed
  4. Company wide approvals engine
  5. Single database across all apps
  6. Mobility of data
  7. Centralized compliance and audit
  8. In-house development platform
8 reasons for single cloud platform
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