Attn: Professional Services Teams – Want to Rock 2013?

Attn: Professional Services Teams – Want to Rock 2013?

Sarah Johansen

The 2012 year-end is in sight and it’s time to start building your 2013 business plan for your Professional Services Organization. But where do you begin? Establishing a strategic foundation with a clear roadmap with quantitative and qualitative data to support your plan is key. In addition, motivating your executive team around building a realistic and measureable services plan with 3-5 overarching priorities is also crucial.

Do you have a method in place to plan and forecast resource utilization or analyze skills requirements to meet the needs of future projects and win more deals? What about the ability to accurately project your services pipeline and capacity planning?

If you are interested in learning how to do all this and more, then Join Service Performance Insight (SPI) and for an information-packed webinar where you will learn the steps for success in building your 2013 services business plan.

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