Ashoka increases employee engagement and productivity with FinancialForce HCM

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Ashoka increases employee engagement and productivity with FinancialForce HCM

As many studies have stated, employees who are engaged with their job/employer are often the top performers because they care about the outcomes of their work, the success of the company and the happiness of their coworkers. 

HCM increases employee engagement & productivity

In this short customer case study video, learn how Ashoka, the largest network of social entrepreneurs, leveraged FinancialForce HCM (Human Capital Management) and the Salesforce1 Platform to help them manage all their HR processes with a single app. They have been able to better collaborate and connect with their employees, creating higher employee engagement, resulting in a better overall workforce.

Here’s what they are achieving after implementing FinancialForce HCM:

  • No more manual processes, less chaos and more transparency
  • Now running all aspects of their dynamic, global workforce with a single cloud solution
  • Exec team is now managing 400 employees in less time than it took to manage 20 employees
  • Their business no longer works in silos, creating a cultural shift that increases productivity
  • Teams are now connected and better aligned, allowing them to use resources more strategically
  • The right people are engaged with the right information, the right processes – at the right time
  • One single, self-service HR system for employees – their record, benefits, goals, reviews, time off, compensation & more – rather than the 5 separate systems they had before

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