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Announcing FinancialForce’s new brand identity

Today we’re delighted to announce yet another milestone in the FinancialForce journey: our new logo and brand identity!

The next step in our evolution

Every growing company must eventually refresh its identity to better reflect its maturity, to refine the quality of their mark, and to evolve into a more iconic brand. Our previous logo effectively portrayed our leadership alongside Salesforce in the cloud revolution. But with cloud computing now the golden standard, the industry faces a critical inflection point.

In the new services economy, major shifts in market share are happening faster than ever before, exposing weaknesses in static business models and driving every organization to continuously blend revenue streams from products, subscriptions, and a wide variety of services.

We believe that tomorrow’s great businesses will be those that can quickly adopt unlimited business models, optimize for dynamic service delivery, and act on business signals. Doing so will require a nimble, customer-centric ERP system—exactly the kind of system offered by FinancialForce.

What the refresh represents

As the cloud ERP of the future, we decided it was time to refresh our branding to modernize and signal the next exciting chapter in the FinancialForce story. We’re experiencing incredible growth, we’re constantly innovating new product solutions and, more than ever, we’re committed to improving customer experience.

Refreshing a brand isn’t a simple process. Since sketching out ideas in December, we’ve been diligently iterating on the best versions to get closer and closer to our shared vision. Once we narrowed down to a few strong options, we presented these to a test group representing our diverse audience—executives, finance professionals, and services professionals from various age groups and backgrounds—as well as employees, partners, branding experts, and individuals from unrelated fields. The version you see today emerged the clear winner.

Overall, the new brand identity better represents FinancialForce as the world-class company it is. We are a modern, sophisticated, high-growth solution provider, and we now have the branding to match. Additionally, we know the coral accent will help us stand out in a sea of blue tech brands while still complementing the identity of our core platform partner, Salesforce. For the design geeks out there, the rectilinear typeface provides balance against the curvilinear, circular symbol.

The future of FinancialForce

What does this mean for the future? Introducing a new logo and brand identity hasn’t altered our core values or vision. We remain committed to transparency, high growth, and making sure we pay attention to the details. And trust is still our core value. In the new services economy, where all the old ways of working are rapidly transforming, we know that business success entirely depends on customer success. As always, thank you for your incredible support and thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.

By the way, in case you’re wondering where the second “F” is…

FinancialForce logo.
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