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Andrew Fawcett talks " Enterprise Architecture"

Andy Fawcett, our CTO and a Salesforce MVP, has exciting news to share today.  He's authored a book, " Enterprise Architecture," and it will undoubtedly be a popular subject at the Dreamforce Dev Zone.  We had a chance to chat about his new book and what it is all about.

1) Hi Andy. Congratulations on your new book! What is it about and what triggered the idea?

Thanks! has fast become a very rich platform since I first started working on it some 6 years ago,  not only in the engineering side but in terms of supporting features needed to release and support packaged solutions. Finding your way through the Salesforce documentation, blogs, forums and best practices with this kind of focus can be a daunting task. So the book is mainly about creating a one stop place for such information, with of course my own perspectives on it! I had also previously passed up the chance to write a book when I was working with Java and swore to myself I would not pass such a chance up again!

2) What do you hope readers will get out of it?

First of all, I hope they enjoy reading it and getting the most they can out of it. I hope that readers will find it a useful guide to a path through developing packaged applications that starts them down the road to success in building applications that will endure and grow with this exciting platform for many years to come.

3) Do you have a favorite chapter?  

That’s a tough one, they all have aspects, tips or tricks I'm quite pleased with. If I had to choose, I guess I did enjoy writing the "Providing Integration and Extensibility" (Chapter 9) and "Asynchronous Process and Big Data Volumes" (Chapter 10) chapters, mostly because I enjoyed learning some new stuff I had been meaning to get closer to and also I love API's and integrations!

4) How can readers meet you and discuss the book?

I will be at Dreamforce 2014 this year, in addition to a number of other big names from R&D, I will also be presenting on Apex Enterprise Patterns and for the first time an advanced session. I will of course be hanging out and speaking at our DevTalks event as well! I enjoy doing DUG presentations, so if anyone fancies me giving a talk I'd love to help out!

5) Where should they go to learn more?

The book itself is listed by the publisher here and is available for pre-order (signup to the publisher site for a discount!). I have also created a GitHub repository for the books source code with branches for each chapter. Readers can ask questions and seek clarifications here as well.  I look forward to hearing more from everyone!

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