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And that’s a wrap: Last day impressions at Dreamforce '16

If you weren’t a trailblazer coming in, you will be prepped for blazing trails going out. Day 4 was all about that rush of enthusiasm to start applying the loads of new found insight the minute you get back to work. Mixed with snap happy exhaustion wondering how your brain can process so much in four days.

Some highlights:

1. Rehab Party: Yes, #DF16’s infamous last day party was the perfect place for exhausted snap-happiness. Mimosas, coffee, tasty breakfast bites, and SF rays – perfect for overflowing brains and tired bodies to unwind and reflect. And start planning!


2. Cloud of Compassion keynote: The perfect day 4 keynote. It’s host and Salesforce SVP, Peter Coffee opens it with, “It’s all about getting your head full of new information, your heart full of new passion and energy when you get back to work, and about getting in the zone where you’re going to be able to get it done.” Keynote highlighted Q & As with world leaders on why compassion is the driving force behind the new business innovations, ideas, and movements that impact our lives in extraordinary ways. Check it out here: https://www.salesforce.com/video/282881/


3.) Expo action: It. Never. Slowed. Down. It’s clear DF attendees know how important it is to learn about the apps that can help them do SO much more with the platform. Last day to get schwag factor didn’t slow things down.blog-df16-day4-2

4.) Top 10 most used words of the day:
Awesome. Tired. Bags. Sore. Einstein. Wow! Bono. Killer. Trump??? HOME.


See you next year!

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