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An accounting application built for the future of finance

Do you ever feel like your company’s financials run you instead of the other way around? Still find yourself stuck in endless spreadsheets, manual workarounds, and all-nighters just to pull meaningful data or reports?

There’s another way.

Take a look at the cloud accounting solution transforming finance, helping to not just support but also drive business growth. In the short video below, see how FinancialForce Accounting can help you embrace new business models with ease, unify your data, give you visibility into pipeline, forecasts, and a master customer record, and easily scale your business. It can also automate your billing processes from opportunity to renewal to help you keep days sales outstanding (DSOs) low and cash flow strong. Native to the Salesforce platform, FinancialForce Accounting is the cloud accounting application you must know about, helping businesses around the world streamline all their financial and accounting processes.

Since using FinancialForce Accounting, Methods has reported a 40% reduction in finance back-office costs, Ansarada has realized a 75% faster time to invoice and 86% faster time to revenue, and Seagate has cut period close in half while realizing a 30% reduction in IT costs. 

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