Agility Comes From Picking The Right Platform

Agility Comes From Picking The Right Platform

Regular readers may be familiar with me talking about how customers are making a strategic choice of a platform for their entire business not just an evaluation of specific application functionality ( Cloud is more than just a stack of servers ) .

By choosing the platform businesses are positioning themselves to take advantage of not only the industry leading sales, service and marketing apps of but also getting access to an ecosytem of native apps that allow them to move their back office and delivery functions onto the platform as well.  But it doesn’t stop there because also provides the tools to rapidly develop and deploy custom applications that share common master data and platform services such as security, analytics, workflow and mobile. So this week I’ve been delighted to see both news of the gathering of momentum in the ecosystem and also the increasing importance as Salesforce as a development platform.  Firstly we heard that installations from the AppExchange had passed the 2 million mark and ‘the Top 7 reasons why the Salesforce AppExchange is under hyped’ gave some insight into why this is becoming such a key marketplace to find business apps. This was followed by a great piece by Louis Columbus in – Why Salesforce is winning the cloud platform war which highlighted what a great job Salesforce is doing to attract the attention of the developer community. But I think my favorite news item of the week was seeing how this theory was being put into practice at the Financial Times. See below a cracking video clearly showing how the right choice of platform was fundamental in enabling to put the customer at the heart of their business.  A great success story in an industry going through massive change.

The platform story at could be the biggest story of them all. 

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