Add a financial dimension to your Salesforce Customer Portal

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Add a financial dimension to your Salesforce Customer Portal

If your company is selling and servicing customers through a customer portal, you might not be delivering on one aspect of the relationship – the financial relationship. Unfortunately, most companies are still dealing with customers the old-fashioned, labor intensive way, by phoning or emailing customers to collect on overdue accounts or responding to statement and invoice requests. This back and forth process increases administrative overhead and delays cash payments from customers. Yesterday, we announced My Account for FinancialForce Accounting which enables businesses to provide their customers financial self-service, 24 hours a day, adding a financial dimension to a company’s overall customer relationship management strategy. It provides a transparent view of the financial relationship between customer and supplier, increasing customer satisfaction while reducing a finance department’s workload. Tracy Howard, Controller at Wi-Fi Alliance, a FinancialForce Accounting customer said: “…We are an early adopter of My Account, and it’s apparent that it will help us provide members with account status updates and encourage quicker payment of invoices…”
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