A morning with FinancialForce – Sydney Salesforce User Group

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A morning with FinancialForce – Sydney Salesforce User Group

After having manned the booths at the Salesforce World Tour event in Melbourne recently and during the Salesforce Essentials ANZ Tour in 2014 it was a great pleasure to again get in front of Salesforce users and present to the the Sydney Salesforce User Group on 16th of April.

As expected there were some good pointed questions during the interactive session and a few chuckles at our “FrankenCloud” discussion on taking poorly integrated disparate systems and just moving the problem to the cloud.

Dashboards and reports providing a single source of truth are not new to Salesforce users, and showing how quickly and easily a user could answer customer questions such as “What’s my statement balance?”, “Where’s my order?” and “How is my project going?” clearly demonstrated how FinancialForce.com expands the power of the Salesforce cloud to provide ERP at Customer Speed.

It was also great to be able to show off our new “Action Views” reporting engine from the latest release of FinancialForce Accounting, which our sales engineer Liam Trehy likened to “working with flexible Excel type reporting functionality in your accounting system.”

Brendan Connolly from Pactera spoke briefly on their recent adoption of FinancialForce Professional Services Automation and the value to the sales people and management of now being able to get a real time view of their consulting business after moving away from a FrankenCloud.


User Group members should feel free to contact us at anzsales@financialforce.com for a copy of the “ERP at Customer Speed/Franken Cloud” presentation.

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