7 things ANZ travelers should add to the Dreamforce 2015 checklist

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7 things ANZ travelers should add to the Dreamforce 2015 checklist

Traveling from Australia or New Zealand for Dreamforce? Here are 7 things to add to your Dreamforce 2015 checklist:
  1. Get a TARDIS
Face the reality right now that you are not Dr. Who and don’t have access to time travel. You will not get to all the sessions you want to, so plan your time wisely. It’s not just the great keynotes and other sessions each day but also the great networking events each evening. As well as many great vendor parties such as ours (FinancialForce Parties) if you are a Salesforce customer coming from Asia Pacific and don’t already have the details of the special APAC welcome reception or the Club Lounge (Free WiFi and refreshments) then log in to the Salesforce Success Community check and out the groups “Dreamforce APAC on Tour” and “ANZ Attendees at Dreamforce” for details.
  1. Do you Uber?
With downtown San Francisco’s population increasing by around 100,000 people for Dreamforce, forget about trying to hail a taxi. Uber started in San Francisco for good reason. Download the Uber App to your SmartPhone and work it smartly. Fares will go up the week of Dreamforce and that’s just the law of supply and demand. A handy tip when you need an Uber and are in a busy location is to walk down a block or two to where it is quieter and book from there.
  1. Money problems?
The Aussie and Kiwi dollars are worth a lot less against the greenback than this time last year. If you don’t already have an FX fee free credit card then it pays to watch your transactions. Some cards have higher FX fees, so maybe work that a bit smarter. If you don’t already have a Travel Money Card, some other cards such as certain airline frequent flyer cards are already set up to work as foreign currency cards and just need you to register online. Watch out though as it can take up to 3 days to get the currency across from your bank, but it may still be worth it.
  1. Mobile phone nightmares?
Many a not-so-wary traveller has come home from the US to face a phone bill for several hundred dollars for less than a week away. There are a couple of options here. You could pick up a prepaid SIM card from one of the local Telco’s like AT&T or T-Mobile on the corner of Market and 3rd Streets downtown, or purchase a global roaming add-on to your Aussie Telco plan. If you have your Telco’s App on your SmartPhone you may be able to buy the add-on very quickly for about AUD$10 a day. Wi-Fi where you can as most roaming plans don’t have huge amounts of data allowance.
  1. Did somebody say Flat White?
Aussies and Kiwi’s love their coffee and a Flat White the way it’s made at home. Many a regular traveller to the US from the antipodes has bemoaned the drip coffee or bitter burnt beans that seem so prevalent on the continent, but not all is lost. Only a short walk from Moscone is an almost hidden gem where they know how to make an antipodean Flat White, although it is cleverly omitted from the menu. Blue Bottle Coffee at 66 Mint Plaza (Corner of Jessie & Mint Plaza). You will have to queue but it is worth it. Tell them Trevor sent you!
  1. Apps, Apps and more Apps
If you have not downloaded all the Apps for Dreamforce 2015 already get on to your SmartPhone and download Dreamforce ’15, Partyforce and Dreamforce Session Explorer. Get our full list of app must-haves in this post.
  1. Better together with Salesforce
Now that you have everything sorted for checking out the Salesforce sessions, make sure you check out the various ERP, finance, services and HR sessions put on by FinancialForce. See you on Tuesday!    
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