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Five reasons you want one cloud platform [Infographic]

What’s your application strategy? Does it involve the cloud? Does platform get considered? To be successful these days, companies need to be strategic in picking cloud platforms that can support their whole business – from front office to the back. Don’t make the same mistakes in the cloud era that were made in the on-premises era – where companies picked different applications on different hardware, database and OS environments causing big-time integration problems and headaches.

Here are the top 5 reasons you want to embrace one cloud platform – aka the Salesforce App Cloud.

5 reasons one cloud platform

1.) One system for everything – When you combine your systems of engagement (e.g. CRM) and systems of record (e.g. financials, supply chain, services, etc.) in one cloud, you can run your whole business in a centralized spot. You can officially put an end to guesswork and “i don’t knows.” Customer facing staff will always know what’s going on with their customer back office vitals – financials, projects and inventory. Back office staff will always know what’s going on with the front line  – e.g. pipeline, forecasting and more. Business decisions and actions can be made wiser and faster based on real-time information.

2.) One ecosystem –  Plug and play is a reality. Apps built natively on the Salesforce platform can share common components with other native apps, e.g. objects, database, Chatter, workflow, etc. Imagine being a start up today where you could literally run your entire business on one platform where every front office and back office app talk to each other (and get along).

3.) One record to update – No more losing precious hours entering data in multiple places. When you update a contact, a vendor, a product or an account – that update is made everywhere.  You will also get record sharing, a single reporting database, common administration and unified tool sets that form a truly holistic environment for users.  Not only do you save time, you elevate accuracy and peace of mind. No wonder it is working.

4.) One reporting engine – Get shared reporting & analytics that span your entire business.  Filter, sort, chart and drill-down into your project, billing and accounting data using a common reporting tool. Get all the data you need in a format that makes sense, and make smarter business decisions.

5.) One user interface, one log-in – no more toggling between screens and systems to get that critical data you need “right now.” When all your apps live on the same Salesforce1 cloud platform, turn a quote into an order for customer A with one click here, and check on product delivery for customer B with another click there. And yes, with one UI, comes one log-in. It follows you as you move from front to back office.

If your company’s front and back office applications live in different systems, it’s time to move your business to the cloud. Keeping all your apps on one platform is not only efficient, it will keep your employees, stakeholders and customers happy. Convinced?

If you’re interested in more benefits of a consistent technology platform for your business, you should take a look at Ben Kepe‘s, founder of Diversity Limited and technology evangelist, report titled, “The Platform Of The Future – Connected Applications In A Rapidly Changing World.”

one cloud platform

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