3 trends to follow from HR Technology Conference 2015 in Las Vegas

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3 trends to follow from HR Technology Conference 2015 in Las Vegas

“It’s hard to imagine a bigger desert oasis than Las Vegas,” and running at Mandalay Bay, HR Technology Conference was no exception to the vegas theme – an oasis of great minds and new knowledge in the HR Tech space. There was an amazing vibe at the biggest tech event of the $12 billion HCM industry, displaying the latest and greatest in the HR tech world. For those of you who missed the show or need a little refresher, here are the three top trends to follow from the conference:

1. Use a one cloud solution for all of your HR functions – A single solution for all of your HR functions was the theme at the event. All of the major HCM vendors including Oracle, Workday, Ceridian, SAP Success Factors, Ultimate and FinancialForce were displaying the power of one unified solution.

Businesses need more visibility stretching from Talent Acquisition to talent development into insights that drive the decision making process. This was definitely highlighted in HR Tech sessions like  Selecting the “Right” HR Technology Solution Provider, for example. This end-to-end visibility is easily possible when you have one single solution. It allows streamlined processes from one area of HR to another, increasing productivity by avoiding dual entry, and the biggest one – offering a single source of truth. But beware of “integrated” software that promises one solution but still works separately – a FRANKENCLOUD. To gauge whether a solution is a true, single cloud solution, a key identifier is if the solution only has a core system of record or single employee profile that works for recruiting, onboarding, talent and benefits.

2. Move from a record keeping system to a system of engagement – The key to employee retention is employee satisfaction & engagement, reward and recognition, leadership and culture. A single unified system with self service and collaboration capabilities gives the best employee experience and empowers your employees. HR Tech sessions such as Transform Employee Engagement With Salesforce & Deloitte showed tremendous value in a system that facilitates tools for engagement and collaboration, as well as how large people-centric service organizations such Deloitte leverage these tools to create more a engaging culture.

FinancialForce also announced Peoplecasting® for the services industry, linking HCM, Professional Services Automation (PSA) and CRM. People are your most valuable resource in the services industry and 70% of the cost is employee cost, so they deserve a best-in-class “employee system.”

3. Learning from the best brains in the Industry – All the creative and powerful minds of the HR software industry were present at the event. FinancialForce organized a Press and Analyst Influencer Happy Hour, where leading industry analysts – the press of the free world – shared their abundant knowledge and got to know more about FinancialForce HCM, its success so far and its vision. It was not only a learning experience but also a rewarding experience for the hard work the HCM team has put in. I also got an opportunity to spend some time with the greats like Naomi Bloom and Claire Schooley.

Though it’s impossible to attend every session and vendor booth, I am excited about all the knowledge I gathered at this year’s conference, including all the great conversations I had with attendees at the FinancialForce booth. I can’t wait for the 2016 event in Chicago!

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