2nd DUG (Developer User Group) in Spain coming soon

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2nd DUG (Developer User Group) in Spain coming soon

Given the success of the first Developer User Group (DUG) in Spain, we are excited to say there will be a second one on February 7, 2014.  Below is a mini FAQ on what you might expect to see and learn at this next DUG event…and get inspired.

What can expect from the second DUG?  The main goal of these meetings is to talk about Salesforce topics, share knowledge and learn more about how people work on a daily basis (check out a previous blog entry on the first DUG!). My biggest concern was – “would we have enough attendees to make a dynamic meeting where everybody would share their thoughts?” Well yes we had!! In the end we had 6 attendees in the office and 3 more via GTM. It turned out to be a very interesting meeting because the other guys’ work is quite different from our work at FinancialForce.com, so we were able to learn a lot whilst also sharing some useful tips.

The second DUG will be on Feb 7, 2014 and the idea is to start learning in depth about our daily job. We will suggest different topics, then all of us will decide which is the most interesting one to cover. Plus, Carolina Ruiz will present the new feature Salesforce1.

What can attendees get out of the session?  The Salesforce world is so huge, it is impossible to work with all its features every day. The more people who attend these sessions, the greater our knowledge of Salesforce will become. This was evident at the first DUG. Because I didn’t know the attendees background, I started talking about Salesforce buttons. One of the Salesforce button types is the URL Custom. I demonstrated a simple example because I have never used it and my knowledge was minimal. But the other attendees could give me more details about them because they are used to working with these buttons.

On the flip side, we were more familiar with VisualForce buttons so we spent a good amount of time explaining those and suggested many tips around their development and test processes.

One thing we can guarantee, is that after attending these sessions you will know more about Salesforce.

Is there a passionate developer community in Spain? Speaking in general, the answer is yes. There are more people interested in new technologies every day. Speaking specifically about Salesforce, the answer is yes as well. I can honestly say that there are more people working with this platform than I expected. In the meetup group we can find people from Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Granada. There is also a Spanish Developers – Success Community in Salesforce. However because the Salesforce language is English, most of us are hidden on English communities and blogs, so it is difficult to know if the Spanish Community is as big as I think. That’s why we all need to come together and take part in an event like DUG.

For those people interested in attending the second DUG, what do they need to know? The first thing is that you need to join the Spain Salesforce Developer User Group and accept the invitation to the session you want to join. In this meetup group we announce all events and give other details such as the agenda. You can find feedback about the latest meeting, and some pictures too!!

Attendees should not worry if they are new to the Salesforce world, because our goal is to teach and also to learn. And don’t forget that at the second DUG, Carolina Ruíz is giving the Salesforce1 presentation. I’m looking forward to meeting you at the next Developer User Group.
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