2012 Benchmark shows the benefits of system integration for PSOs

2012 Benchmark shows the benefits of system integration for PSOs

Liz Roberts
SPI Research has released its 2012 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark, which we sponsored this year. The Benchmark is designed to help Professional Service Organizations (PSOs) understand their relative performance compared to an expansive benchmark of peers. It provides visibility into critical business processes and key performance measurements so organizations can compare, diagnose and improve their own performance. It makes for a fascinating read. We’ll dissect the report in more detail in a later post looking at what differentiates the best firms and the results they report as a result compared to other firms in the Benchmark. One of the key differentiators for leading firms is that they all utilize a dedicated PSA application and report greater levels of integration between their core systems including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), PSA and Accounting systems.┬áLeading firms show substantially higher levels of cloud application utilization in the areas of Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Accounting and report significant benefits. More surprising then, is the fact that less than 15 percent of PSOs integrate their CRM and PSA directly. This event recording provides more detail from SPI and Centerstance, a top performing PSO firm and describes how PSOs can position their people and processes for profitable growth in 2012.

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