Services Teams: 10 tips to make 2017 your most productive year yet

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Services Teams: 10 tips to make 2017 your most productive year yet

Ready to take on 2017? No matter how good, bad, or on par your services business performed in 2016, you will be expected to do better in 2017. Check out these hot tips on how to make it your most productive year ever yet with the right professional services automation (PSA) solution.

Tip #1 – Get your CRM and PSA integrated

It’s hands-down the smartest thing you’ll ever do and you’ll kick yourself for not doing it earlier. You can manage your people, customers, projects and financials in one integrated services management application. And sales, services and finance can all work off the same real-time information to do their jobs smarter.  

Tip #2 – Amp up support for subscription and shared revenue models

Do you have the insight and technologies to support this new paradigm? Not only do you need to keep track of traditional services metrics, you must expand focus to include renewals and customer loyalty.  Leverage your PSA solution to get visibility and insight to capitalize on this new model.

Tip #3 – Embrace social across all parts of services delivery

We’re not just talking about more happy hours. Allow sales and project team members to share, update, schedule, broadcast, motivate, document everything related to a project across every boundary and time zone. Tools like Salesforce Chatter are ideal, and it should be built into your PSA solution.

Tip #4 – Stop leaking revenue, start building profit

There’s nothing worse for a services business then wasted admin time, project delays, or lost revenue.  Get one database, automated processes, and forecasting tools. In other words – get the right PSA to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Tip #5 – Sell what you can deliver, deliver what you sell

All too often sales makes commitments that the services teams are not equipped to deliver.  That doesn’t happen when sales and services work off the same system. With the right PSA, services teams will get real-time pipeline views and can plan appropriately. Sales can see what’s going on with projects and not over commit.

Tip #6 – Put the right people on the right projects at the right time

With the right PSA solution you can track all resource details in one location, get total team visibility to scheduling and assignments, leverage a skills & certifications matrix, and even get predictive, intuitive planning.

Tip #7 – Empower your road warriors

Make sure you professional services road warriors can keep connected and stay efficient on an anytime, anywhere basis. Give them tools where they can complete administrative tasks, communicate with your team, submit timecards and expenses — all from a mobile device.

Tip #8 – Create communities so everyone stays informed and in the loop

Create customer/partner communities where you can share, store, and manage all your project related files in one central place. Even create customer invoices, track vendor and subcontractor payments right there and ultimately keep costs down and margins on track.

Tip #9 – Build your services strategy on facts, not guesswork

You need powerful, flexible reporting tools that deliver deep visibility and real-time information so you can make smarter decisions.  Speed of information allows for quick course corrections and creates more confidence to plan for the future. It will impact margins, utilization, KPIs and more. The right PSA solution will have these reporting capabilities built in!

Tip #10 – Don’t just use cloud apps by themselves

Cloud apps are hitting our business world hard, e.g. time & expenses, financials, etc, but do your apps sync, grow, and work together to drive business value? They should or you will fall behind on the productivity curve.  Leverage your PSA and the cloud for all its wonders and this will be a snap. Looking for the right PSA solution for your 2017 business? Watch our US-based PSA webinar demo to learn more. If you are in the UK, Watch our UK-based PSA webinar demo!
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