10 reasons why accounting is better when you loop it into your CRM system

10 reasons why accounting is better when you loop it into your CRM system

Polina Polishchuk
Tags: Accounting, Billing, Financial Management

Using spreadsheets for your business finance leads to inefficient processes and tons of errors. This is also the case for businesses that opt for mismatched, disparate systems with data scattered all over the place.

Now imagine operating your core financial management functions including general ledger, invoicing, accounts receivable, revenue recognition, fixed assets, spend management and accounts payable on the same salesforce cloud platform you use to run your sales, marketing and services operations. All of your records and customer data are in a single system to bill, report and recognize revenue.

FinancialForce Accounting combines the power of the Salesforce App Cloud with a groundbreaking cloud accounting system design. The result is an efficient and cost effective solution that goes well beyond basic bookkeeping and transaction processing, spawning a new generation of financial management applications.

Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why accounting is better on Salesforce:

  1. Immediately access more answers
  2. Accountability is built into every action
  3. Shared tools build better teams
  4. Advance the back office to the front lines
  5. Let information and cash flow
  6. There are no small businesses when it comes to security
  7. Meet your new PoliceForce
  8. Get information about your business in context
  9. Personalization is your new productivity
  10. Analytics and insight for a whole company

To dive deeper into the benefits of running your accounting on Salesforce, download the full eBook for free and learn how to:

  • Perform real-time financial reporting, modeling and actionable analytics
  • Gain complete visibility of your customers and projects
  • Generate invoices from Salesforce in one click
  • Align CRM with your back office and break down departmental walls
  • Automate your opportunity to cash process

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