On June 20, 2017, FinancialForce announced
a partnership with ADP to bring best-in-class
payroll and HCM capabilities to its cloud
ERP suite and client base.

Overview and Strategy

HCM plays an important role in an ERP system, particularly for service-based companies. As FInancialForce looks to double down and focus our investments on areas where we can differentiate to continue to be a category leader, we understand that our HCM solution provides great value, but it was not going to be a full featured Enterprise HCM system quickly enough. In order to deliver on the requirements of our customers who need a comprehensive HCM offering, FinancialForce has formed a strategic partnership with ADP, the world’s largest payroll and human resources solutions provider. This strategy will provide a comprehensive HCM solution for our customers - many of whom are already using ADP for payroll.

How FinancialForce Customers Benefit

FinancialForce will continue to invest in the skills management and talent management capabilities critical to service-based organizations – and merge these capabilities into our PSA offering. ADP will provide the essential HCM capabilities, including payroll and other day-to-day HR functions. Customers will benefit from integrated best-in-class capabilities across their spectrum of HCM and PSA needs and gain more value from their FinancialForce investments.

What Should FinancialForce HCM Customers Do Right Now?

No action is required on the part of our customers, as we will continue to support all our HCM customers through March 31, 2022. At that time, skills management and talent management functionality will be part of the FinancialForce PSA suite. FinancialForce HCM customers who have not yet migrated their other HCM functionality will have the option to migrate to ADP HCM.

Migration and Roadmap/Business Continuity

  • If current FF HCM customers choose to take advantage of the ADP partnership, we will provide them with a seamless migration path to the ADP solutions
  • We will build integration between ADP and FFA and PSA so that FF customers with FFA and PSA will gain ready access to an integrated HCM solution with ADP.

Phase I: Maintain parity between HCM and PSA integration. Continue to leverage PeopleCasting capability, with ADP as the HR system of record

Phase II: Continued parity, plus addition of Financials and ADP integration.

Beyond: Additional build-out of integrations and functionality to strengthen our offerings to meet customer needs