Sales tax management is a non-revenue-generating burden on your business. If your company is experiencing growth, adding new products, expanding routes to market or adding additional office locations, you could face sales and use tax compliance headaches.. Worse yet, you may be calculating, filing or remitting tax incorrectly, exposing your business to greater audit risk, without even knowing it.

Doing sales tax right in FinancialForce is simple with Avalara AvaTax. AvaTax’s connectors to FinancialForce Accounting and SCM automatically validate the ship-to address, then calculate sales tax in real time for each transaction — all without leaving the FinancialForce platform. Avalara’s Compliance Cloud Platform is continuously updated with the latest sales tax rates, rules and boundaries. Our integration with FinancialForce is seamless, as are our integrations with a number of other Salesforce Apps, so making the switch to Avalara immediately is simple and fast.

Leave the taxing part of your business to Avalara and FinancialForce and get back to what really matters: your profits. Join the tens of thousands of businesses that use AvaTax … and do sales tax right.

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