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Meet the PR team

Sandy Lo

Sandy Lo  

I stumbled upon the software PR world about 19 years ago and have been part of the industry's transformation from on-premise, hosted, SaaS to cloud. Ever the media relations chameleon, I enjoyed working for everything from creative software, social collaboration platforms, development tools, to CRM. In late 2012, a small but feisty cloud start-up (yes, FinancialForce!) captured my attention through its mission to modernize the back-office. And we've not looked back since! As a team, we want to tell the world how FinancialForce ERP is changing companies' relationships with their customers and employees. I've managed global campaigns at Macromedia, TechTV, Adobe, and Salesforce -- now, I'm proud to lead the AR and PR efforts at FinancialForce.

Email Sandy

Julie Walsh

Julie Walsh  

A self-confessed geek (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), I've been working in technology PR for so long now that the early days were mainly spent faxing and posting, rather than emailing and Skyping. I've been lucky enough to drive campaigns for some of the world’s greatest technology brands such as Salesforce, DocuSign, Philips, HCL Technologies and T-Mobile, covering every aspect of communication you could think of. I’ve worked for leading agencies big, small and in-between. I now have the best role - I fly the flag for in the UK, letting others know why we’re so brilliant at helping companies run their entire businesses on one platform.

Email Julie

Allie Rosenberg

Allie Rosenberg  

Born and raised on the East Coast, I followed a hunch several years ago that I should pick up and move to the land of food, fog, and technology PR. So I did, and haven’t looked back since! The majority of my career thus far has been spent at world-class PR agencies where I have had the opportunity to handle media relations and communications for eclectic mix of startups and consumer technology giants including Amazon Kindle, Amazon Studios, ZocDoc, Instagram and Zynga. Today, I’ve found a happy home at FinancialForce, where I get to be modern cloud ERP’s biggest cheerleader and help spread the word about innovation across all our apps.

Email Allie

What is FinancialForce?

Founded in 2009, FinancialForce is the leading Cloud ERP vendor with apps built entirely on the Salesforce Platform. The company’s Financial Management, Professional Services Automation (PSA), and Human Capital Management (HCM) offerings provide services-centric businesses with a platform that organizes sales, services, finance and HR entirely around their customers. Headquartered in San Francisco, FinancialForce is backed by Salesforce Ventures, Technology Crossover Ventures, Advent International and UNIT4..

What products do we offer?

Presently, offers Financial Management, Professional Services Automation (PSA), and Human Capital Management (HCM).

When was FinancialForce founded?

FinancialForce was founded in September 2009.

Who are FinancialForce’s backers? is backed by leading global institutions Salesforce, Technology Crossover Ventures, Advent International and UNIT4.

How did FinancialForce get its name?

In early 2009, Jeremy Roche, presently the FinancialForce CEO, and Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of, met to discuss Jeremy’s intent to create a company that delivers cloud accounting applications built on the Salesforce Platform. Marc Benioff offered the name, a domain he owned, to Jeremy Roche to build this company. FinancialForce was officially created in September of 2009.

How many employees does FinancialForce have today?

As of May 2015, FinancialForce has over 600 employees — more than doubling in size over just two years. We are still growing rapidly and continuously have new positions open.

How many offices does FinancialForce have? Where are the headquarters?

FinancialForce currently has 7 offices; San Francisco, CA; Manchester, NH; Chicago, IL; Harrogate, UK; Granada, Spain; Toronto, Canada; and Sydney, Australia. The company is headquartered in San Francisco on 595 Market Street.

How do I speak with an executive spokesperson at FinancialForce?

We welcome the opportunity to provide our perspectives and insights. If you are interested in speaking with a spokesperson at FinancialForce, please contact the PR team. Our corporate communications team will immediately identify the most appropriate executive for the opportunity and work with you to ensure your questions are answered.

How do I speak with a customer or partner of FinancialForce?

FinancialForce enjoys a vibrant and supportive customer and partner community. If you are looking to add customer or partner perspective to a story, please contact the PR team and we will be happy to help you identify the best case study or spokesperson to add to your story. Feel free to browse our success stories to start the search.

I have a story idea. How do I become a blogger for FinancialForce?

The FinancialForce blog is read by customers, prospects, partners, industry experts, and cloud enthusiasts. We have a carefully selected committee of authors to ensure that content suits the needs and interests of our diverse readers. On occasions, we invite guest bloggers who have compelling point of views on parallel topics. If you’d like to contribute, please contact the PR team.

How do I become a FinancialForce partner?

FinancialForce has a growing partner community. If you are interested in learning more about the partner programs or would like to become one, please complete our partner registration form.

How do I share my opinions with FinancialForce?

We welcome your feedback and ideas always, whether it’s about our products, website, team, or campaigns. To share your thoughts, you can start by contacting us, or tap into our social networks:,, and

How many customers does FinancialForce have?

We have more than 1200 customers in 23 countries and users in 47 countries. For additional details on customer representation, please contact the PR team.

What is the product differentiator for FinancialForce ERP?

Unlike traditional on-premises based ERP apps which were focused on transaction processing and were silo or department oriented, our apps are built around a customer and are designed to engage employees. This comes from the fact that FinancialForce ERP is built from the ground up as a system of engagement on the Salesforce1 Platform. FinancialForce ERP is unique because it combines systems of engagement and the systems of record on one cloud platform so companies can benefit from having one cloud to run their whole business from CRM to ERP.

What is the culture within the FinancialForce organization?

Culture has a hugely important strategic focus for us as a company and we are firmly focused on employee success, not just against business performance but how they are first inducted and then developed throughout their career with us. We don’t just provide a list of values, they are inherent throughout the organisation. Employees live and breathe the values every day. As part of the selection process the company seeks out people who will contribute positively to the culture and fully engage with it. wants our employees to be our best advocates and to do that they need to engage and motivate them continually. To create true advocates, you have to provide a great workplace and we have worked hard to do so. In summary, employee success is a core part of what we look to achieve as a company and this has been reflected with the ranking.

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