With more than 16 years of experience in enterprise software development, customer experience management and product management, Debbie leads customer advocacy as the Senior Vice President of Strategic Customer Experience at FinancialForce. Under Debbie's leadership, the company's Accounting and PSA products have been honored with accolades such as British Accountancy Awards' Software of the Year and 2012 CRM WatchList's Broad Brush Winner while customer satisfaction reliably exceeds industry average. Debbie and Jeremy Roche, while at CODA Group, realized a market gap in cloud applications for financial management and collaborated in the founding of FinancialForce with the backing of UNIT4.

Prior to creating FinancialForce, Debbie served as the Head of Product Management for CODA Group and held senior research & development and product management responsibilities for CODA. Earlier in her career, Debbie held positions in client management, consultancy and presales for Science Systems and was part of the team who acquired CODA in the year 2000. Following the acquisition of CODA, Debbie led the team that designed and delivered CODA's award-winning financial applications and was a core member of the team that conceived CODA's SaaS accounting concept.

Debbie began her career in microbiology and has a degree in Applied Biology from Sheffield Hallam University. Outside of work, Debbie is a proud mother of two boys and enjoys spending time with family and participating in triathlons.