Providing Hope & Opportunity to one of the poorest regions of the world.

CongoVoice operates in Gemena in northern DR Congo. Its charter is to help provide the basic needs of the children without families – these children have no other option except living on the street. These basic needs include love, housing, food, medical coverage, and education. The second step is to provide higher education– to educate / train the local population to create and sustain self employment through launching new entrepreneurial businesses. There is currently a 95% unemployment rate in the Congo so the challenge is to educate / train the people to create their own jobs which will then create a sustainable local economy.

CongoVoice has been fortunate to partner with hundreds of donors who have provided financial support to launch a Children’s Center for orphans without any family support. The Center provides housing, security, nutrition, medical, and education for many local vulnerable children. The Children’s Center has saved lives and delivered Hope and Opportunity to these children.

CongoVoice is unique. Co-Founders Mike Seashols (one of the founders of Oracle and a leader of several very successful software companies) and Dr. Mossai Sanguma have made it possible that ALL donations are invested in the children, students. or local businesses – dispersed through Sabuli Children Center, or the Ubangi Protestant University (UPU), or in Micro-Financing.

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