FinancialForce Community

Community Overview

FinancialForce Community is a destination for customers, partners and employees of FinancialForce to interact and collaborate in order to log cases, find solutions and put forward new ideas.


The Community homepage allows you to view solutions to previous cases shared with the community, monitor current cases and view the latest Ideas from other users. Additionally you can get an at a glance view of what’s new on FinancialForce Xtra such as product tutorials, official customer announcements and press releases and blog posts.

There are three main functions of the Community site:


The solutions tab provides the ability to browse through all the solutions in the Community, classified by the various topic sections and subsections, or you can simply search to find solutions to a specific issue. If you cannot find a solution to a problem then you can log a case on the cases tab.


The Cases tab allows you to create and view private cases for the support team, as an improvement to using phone or email. To create new cases simply use the drop down menus to choose the product, priority and type of case that you are creating, and then add a detailed description (including any relevant error messages) in order to clearly define the case for support purposes. You can then submit the case to support or submit it and add an attachment. This option allows you to add additional information so that we can resolve the case as effectively as possible. Finish creating the case by selecting done. The case will then be created, and you will be automatically presented with any relevant solutions. Your case can now be viewed on the Community homepage. It can be noted that each case is private between the case owner and employees of and, once created, comes with the ability to perform several other useful tasks.

If you are happy that a resolution has been provided and/or the problem no longer persists then you can close the case. Using the related lists you can add more attachments and Google docs to existing cases as required. From this page you can also interact with the support team by reading and adding comments on your cases, in order to monitor the progress .

Using the information you provide on your case, an existing solution may also be recommended by the support team .


Also available within the Community are Ideas. This allows all of our users to collaborate with each other on ideas for improvements or new features for FinancialForce products or services. Ideas can be put forward, promoted and demoted by all Community users, allowing you to influence the way that evolves in the future. New ideas can easily be posted and linked to a number of different categories; when you create an idea, a list of similar ideas will be displayed, so that instead of repeating an idea you can simply promote someone else’s, and increase its popularity. It is in this section that you have the greatest ability to interact with other users and not only promote ideas but also provide comments that expand upon ideas from other Community members.

In summary FinancialForce Community is designed as a method for customers, partners and employees of FinancialForce to interact and collaborate easily and effectively.

To get your Community user account, please contact your relevant support team.