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Implementation & training

We’re here to facilitate knowledge transfer and to help you quickly gain, and continue to realize, the full benefits of your investment in our solutions.

FinancialForce Professional Services is a dedicated team of individuals, focused on helping customers get the most out of their investment in our applications. Our experts combine both depth of experience and a broad mixture of skills. The majority of the team are qualified accountants with many years of accounting, IT and consultancy experience.

Some of the main types of customer service and engagements that we offer are:

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Implementation Services

FinancialForce Accounting is designed for swift, "pain-free" implementation, getting you up and running quickly, with a minimum of impact on your staff and business and a quick return on investment. We apply proven, established services methodologies based on internationally accepted standard techniques, to ensure your project is well planned, predictable and straightforward, and that end users can acquire all the knowledge and expertise necessary to assume full control and mastery of their FinancialForce solution.

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Training – the guidance to get more from FinancialForce solutions

Our standard work packages can help your organization to make the best possible use of FinancialForce applications: their functionality, tools and facilities.

For example, helping users to understand:

  • The underlying platform shared by Salesforce CRM and FinancialForce applications
  • Our application and chart of account design
  • Business process (AR, AP, GL) reporting
  • Data migration
  • Accounting best practice
  • Getting the maximum, ongoing return on your software investment.

Services are delivered by professional trainers, who have a broad experience in working with our applications. Being part of our organization, they are up to date with our latest product releases, as well as’s latest technology and can draw on the experience of our whole organization.

So – whether you need assistance with your project planning, training on our application functionality or just accounting assistance – we can help!

Further information

This is a high-level overview of our main types of customer service and engagement around the world. To discover more about the full range of ways that we can help you in your region please contact us and we'll put you in touch with our nearest team.