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The information in this section is designed to cover the issues and trends in business and technology that are driving the adoption of cloud accounting solutions.


Evaluating Cloud Accounting Software

This infographic supports the publication of the "2014 Cloud Accounting Evaluation Guide" written by research firm Vital Analysis and the webinar recording "The Top 6 Things You Didn't Know About Cloud Accounting Systems (But Should!)"  with ZDnet columnist Brian Sommer.


Order to Cash Best Practices by Aberdeen Analyst Scott Pezza [MP3]
Tune in to learn what Best in Class companies are doing differently in their Order to Cash cycle to achieve the best levels of performance

7 Steps to Improve Your Order to Cash Process by Aberdeen Analyst Scott Pezza [MP3]
Learn how you can create an efficient and effective order to cash cycle from the experts at Aberdeen. 

Financial Performance Management in the Cloud by Aberdeen Senior Research Associate Nick Castellina [MP3]
Find out why Best in Class organizations are turning to the Cloud when selecting a Financial Management System


Reducing Time to Close with Accounting for Salesforce
Accounting is a complex, statutory activity for all organizations – small or large, single or multi-company and local or international. Currency conversion, taxation, regional compliances and legal obligations add to the multitude of accounting tasks, increasing effort and time to close accounting activities and year-end operations. Read full article »

Benefits of Cloud Accounting
Say goodbye to old school accounting software and prepare to embrace the future - Cloud Accounting. Many major organizations and government agencies around the world are already leveraging the cloud to manage their financial data. They fully appreciate the benefits that come with the ability to access their data in real-time, via a browser from anywhere in the world. Read full article »

Evaluating your finance system
Evaluating, selecting and implementing a new online accounting system may be a scary proposition and may not be your highest priority, but finding the right financial system for your organization could offer huge benefits. In conjunction with the ICAEW have detailed the steps to finding and implementing the right system for you. Read full article »

White papers

The Future of Finance whitepaper - "Have you outgrown your accounting system?" [PDF] - This article requires a registration step
In this comprehensive whitepaper from FSN, Gary Simon, managing editor, shares the details on the “why and how” organisations are moving to newer Cloud-based applications - liberating themselves from the shackles of traditional modular software packages ‘and encouraging a step-change in productivity and organizational effectiveness.

Five ways to improve the Sales/ Finance relationship [PDF]
Learn how you can improve key processes between Sales and Finance. This white paper reviews five ways to help bridge the gap between Sales and Finance.

The Margin of Error [PDF]
Outlining recent research into the impact of invoicing errors on profits and cashflow and the need for end-to-end revenue tracking by integrating CRM and accounting applications.

Six Win: Win propositions for IT and Finance [PDF]
How cloud accounting can help two key departments in an organization.

Is your finance application holding you back? [PDF]
Keeping an out-dated finance system can be a false economy. Learn how to tell if this applies to your business.

Compliance in the cloud [PDF]
While FinancialForce Accounting is still a relatively recent solution (an innovative, on-demand accounting application built, from the ground up, on the platform), it comes from a team with a long and successful track record of supporting businesses’ trading, in over 100 countries. As such, we’ve seen a wide range of compliance and regulatory regimes and have also seen the long-established CODA financial management solutions subject to the full scrutiny of audit firms around the world. The strengths of CODA are part of the "DNA" of FinancialForce Accounting.

Published articles

Sales and Finance work together in the best run companies [PDF]
By Jeanne Marzano, Controller and Niranjan Samant, Vice President, Sales and Client Services, Equilar
With both accounting and customer relationship management in the cloud, Sales and Finance can interconnect and share data and communications online.
Posted with permission from Sales and Marketing Management.

Ovum technology audit: FinancialForce Accounting [PDF]
By Angela Eager, Senior Analyst, Ovum

FinancialForce Accounting is a cloud-only accounting application from that has undergone steady development so it now has many of the features of a high-end application like multi-country and multi-company support, but is accessible by small and medium-sized organizations and large enterprise divisions or local operations: - As a native of the platform it can utilize all the technology and innovations. - There are no integration issues for customers needing a functional combination between accounting and CRM.
Posted with permission from Ovum.

The Deal - Unzipping the Wall Between Sales and Finance [PDF, EPUB, MOBI]
For a variety of reasons, finance and sales departments often have strained or antagonistic relationships. The Deal is a humorous-look at the intricate relationship between sales and finance, highlighting the benefits of working in one cloud-based system.