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The digital revolution spun the media industry on its head. Now media companies must adopt robust, real-time billing solutions to meet a whole new medium of billing requirements. FinancialForce Media Billing provides the answer. Our robust tool automates the billing processes and empowers media companies to help you grow and take advantage of this industry changing shift.

  • Reduce billing cycles from weeks to days
  • Eliminate manual re-keying and reduce administrative overhead
  • Get full visibility across the business with a single cloud based system
  • Leverage one system for both print and digital media campaigns

A complete billing solution for online and print media

Screenshot - Media print opportunity

Media print opportunity

Our solution closes the loop between Salesforce CRM, ad servers like Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers and FinancialForce Billing, creating one integrated process. For the first time, online publishers will gain unprecedented efficiency and complete account visibility through all stages of the online advertising sales, ad serving and billing cycle.

  • Create insertion orders in Salesforce and sync them with Doubleclick
  • Import impression and clicks as they are delivered on Doubleclick for full visibility of campaigns
  • Simultaneously accommodate online and print advertising in a single solution
  • Extend FinancialForce Media with Bluewolf, a leader in providing cloud solutions to the media industry

Reduce billing cycles from weeks to days

Screenshot - Media insertion order

Media insertion order

With FinancialForce Media the painful billing reconciliation process is automated and the days of spending weeks manually aggregating and re-keying impression counts is a thing of the past.

  • Seamlessly integrate delivered impressions
  • Leverage powerful billing rules to reconcile the actual impressions with the Insertion Order
  • Generate Invoices with the robust FinancialForce Media billing functionality


Solve your revenue recognition problems with FinancialForce Revenue Recognition

FinancialForce Revenue Recognition is the perfect compliment to the unique, demanding revenue reconciliation needs in the media Industry. Why use spreadsheets when all the revenue recognition data you need is on the platform?

  • Automate revenue recognition as ads are delivered - retire your spreadsheets!
  • Flexibly configure and define recognition rules to match your processes with robust revenue templates
  • Automatically adjust and true-up revenue recognition as campaigns and impressions change

Gain the visibility you need to grow

Screenshot - Media dashboard

Media dashboard

With the entire process tracked in a single cloud, 360 ° account and agency views are easy to see, anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. You can analyze an account’s opportunities, campaigns, insertion orders, impressions served, click rates, billing, revenue recognized and receivables all from one easily accessible and online information source.

  • Give sales teams a comprehensive view of their campaigns
  • Leverage a single platform of data for comprehensive analysis of accounts, properties, campaigns, cash, and forecasts
  • Create and define role based dashboards and views also available via mobile devices
  • Leverage Chatter to maximize collaboration and keep communication in context