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FinancialForce Billing for Salesforce CRM

It’s great news when the deal closes but if your billing process is inefficient or error prone your customers will quickly become frustrated, your payments will be delayed and disputes can be frequent. FinancialForce Billing generates invoices directly from the data you’ve already prepared on the Salesforce Platform and transforms your billing into a streamlined, efficient error free process. Customer satisfaction will be raised and cash flow improved.

Bill fast, bill accurately, get paid quicker

Screenshot - Invoice details and PDF

Invoice details and PDF

FinancialForce Billing gives you the tools to automate your billing process, making sure that what your customer ordered is exactly what you invoice. Take the heavy lifting out of your invoicing process by eliminating manual intervention, automatically send bills to your customers and reduce the time it takes to get paid.

  • Support one time bills, recurrent billing and/or payment schedules
  • Ensure sales tax compliance through automated tax calculations
  • Get one time or batch invoice generation using list views and scheduled jobs
  • Spot payment exceptions quicker with automated cash application process
  • Invoice from list views or unattended batch generation

Close it, bill it and collect it ... all on Salesforce

Screenshot - Billing payment history on account

Billing payment history on account

Now you can manage your ordering, invoicing, cash application and collections activity on a single, shared platform. Your sales, customer service and delivery teams get full visibility to customer billings which improves customer service, reduces disputes and means everyone can contribute to the collections process.

  • Keep sales in the loop after the deal has closed
  • Empower all customer facing personnel to field payment related inquiries
  • Give sales, service, deliver and finance the information they need to resolve collection issues
  • Enforce approval processes for credit note requests

Turn any revenue generating activity into an invoice

Screenshot - Bank balance analytical snapshot

Bank balance analytical snapshot

FinancialForce Billing can turn any activity tracked on the Salesforce Platform into a bill using simple point & click mapping of source object fields to fields on your desired invoice. Opportunities, service cloud cases, orders in 3rd party AppExchange applications or even your own custom objects can be used to generate bills without rekeying. Accounting entries are automatically generated allowing simple integration to legacy ERP or instant update within the FinancialForce Accounting app.

  • Leverage ClickLink field mapping tool (requires no programming skills)
  • Generate invoices from any CRM or custom object
  • Link invoices automatically to originating source record
  • Automate creation of balanced accounting entries for export to legacy ERP