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Increase profit through better resource management

In professional services, a 1-2% variation in utilization overall can mean the difference between funding rapid growth and keeping the lights on. Do you have the resource management insight and tools to adjust all your operating levers to move the needle on utilization? We can help you.

Screenshot - Resource management

Resource management

Reduce bench time, solve resource scheduling issues

Stop guessing or relying on spreadsheets for resource management. With FinancialForce PSA, you can get better oversight on capacity, backlog and skills availability. See across projects, schedule resources, and drill down to resource schedule details online 24x7.

  • View resource availability across your business
  • Filter views to narrow down to resources in a region, group, project or a single resource
  • Drill into resource schedules to see and edit detail

Optimize resource management with sales collaboration

Screenshot - PSA services pipeline dashboard

PSA services pipeline dashboard

Put an end to communication bottlenecks. Now sales can request and view resource availability for an opportunity so you can adequately service what you sell. Conversely, services managers can collaborate with sales to anticipate resource needs and streamline the handoff process by having access to the account and opportunity information in the same system.

  • Get seamless collaboration between sales and services
  • Make handoff a snap now that services can go directly to the account or opportunity to get context of a new project
  • Gain visibility into your services backlog, capacity and services pipeline


Plan with confidence

Screenshot - PSA Resource Search

PSA Resource Search

Our powerful resource management software capabilities are designed to track resource details such as skills and certifications to better take advantage of the strengths of your team. Match opportunities with the right resources without burning your people out. You no longer need to “interpret” utilization numbers because you can get separate views for credited time, PTO, internal projects and ramp up time.

  • Track resource skills and certifications
  • Robust resource utilization tracking that rolls-up to regions, practices, and groups
  • Track and configure utilization measurements to meet your needs

Make time & expense management seamless

Screenshot - PSA timecard entry online and mobile

PSA timecard entry online and mobile

The best PSA system won’t provide value if you can’t get timecards and expenses entered timely and accurately. FinancialForce PSA on the Salesforce platform provides simple, flexible, and easy to use time and expense management software, with easy entry that your consultants will thank you for.

  • Improve adoption with configurable and easy to use timecard and expense entry apps
  • Use flexible workflow tools to streamline approvals and avoid bottlenecks
  • Work from anywhere with mobile apps for timecards, expenses and approvals