Whats new in PSA?


Cloud Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Supercharge your services business with the next generation of anytime anywhere cloud applications. Gain unprecedented visibility into your business across sales, services delivery, and finance. Give your team easy to use mobile and social solutions that keep projects on time, customers happy and reports up to date. And do it all on one integrated platform - Join the next live demo to get an in-depth look, and download the PSA datasheet.

Screenshot - PSA home page

PSA home page

#1 cloud platform for services business

FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) is a cloud based services solution that leverages the power of Salesforce CRM and to manage your people, customers, projects and financials in one integrated services management application.

  • Maintain a single view of customers across your entire organization
  • Use social tools like Chatter to tap into the knowledge of the entire workforce
  • Leverage system-wide tools to break down silos and work as one team
  • Administer, customize and tailor the application yourself or with a partner
Screenshot - PSA "My Numbers" dashboard

PSA "My Numbers" dashboard

Take your services business to the next level

Transform your services business by utilizing the latest in cloud technology and forward-thinking PSA functionality to exponentially increase revenue, improve resource management metrics and optimize project profitability.

  • Re-think how your business interacts internally, with vendors, and your customer
  • Get any time access to any data while staying in control with field level and role based security
  • Track utilization accurately and in real-time with roll-ups by Region, Practice, or Group
Screenshot - PSA resource planner

PSA resource planner

Increase profit through better resource management

In professional services, a 1-2% across the board variation in utilization can mean the difference between funding rapid growth and keeping the lights on. Do you have insight and tools to adjust all your operating levers to move the needle on utilization?

  • Track and measure utilization your way
  • Always find the best resource for the job
  • See resource availability across the entire company at all times
  • Easily see and dynamically update resource assignments in a simple UI
Screenshot - PSA active project financials list view

PSA active project financials list view

Get visibility of project profitability and margins

In the services business, it’s not as simple as charging a customer for a product, getting a credit card number, and shaking hands. You need to track all the financial underpinnings of a project including budgets, estimates, WIP, pre-bills, bookings, invoices, billing milestones, percentage complete, and costs. FinancialForce PSA simplifies the business of services. It brings all the business details together so you’ll know exactly where your project financials stand at anytime.

  • Manage projects to maximize profit
  • Track bid to bill to see billing and invoicing status at all times
  • Roll up financial project hierarchies to track financials for related projects
  • Recognize revenue as projects are completed or milestones are hit

Get customer centric project management

The social revolution has inspired us to think differently about how project teams operate. Today we are building tools to put the customer at the center of project management to help your teams work more collaboratively and more efficiently and, in the end, provide more value to your clients. Focus on getting things done over managing project plans. Empower teams to self manage. Get social.

  • Focus on getting things done over managing project plans
  • Empower teams to self manage
  • Use social tools to extend teams reach
  • Use social tools to increase collaboration, especially on dispersed teams
  • Involve clients via chatter and portal