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Put your core financial management functions including general ledger, invoicing, accounts receivable, revenue recognition, fixed assets, spend management and accounts payable on the same cloud platform you use to run your sales, marketing and services operations. Join the next live demo to get an in-depth look, and download the Accounting datasheet.

Screenshot - Finance homepage

Finance homepage

#1 cloud platform for business

Now your finance team can use the latest cloud based services to serve the financial needs of your entire business. You eliminate the costs and risks of synchronizing transactions and master data across different systems and platforms.

  • Manage your financial data on Enterprise class, trusted, secure, certified, scalable platform
  • Share workflows and approval processes and break down the walls between departments
  • Use common reporting and analytics tools across your entire business
  • Get browser, tablet and mobile access for anytime/anywhere access to data
Screenshot - Month end Chatter conversations

Month end Chatter conversations

Take finance to the next level

Your finance department is constantly challenged to deliver more in less time. Give your team the breathing space to support strategic decision making in your business through the automation of repetitive processes, elimination of manual data entry and ensuring compliance through system enforced checks and balances.

  • Shrink the time needed to get billing done, recognize revenue, pay the bills and close the books
  • Use point and click configuration on approvals for issuing credit notes, spend requests and master file updates
  • Complete your audit testing in record time using enterprise class audit trails and point and click transaction walkthroughs
  • Give your customers self service access to their invoices and payment history
  • Deliver financial reporting straight from the cloud with “follows”,”likes”, “@”s and discussions embedded inside your reports and dashboards
Screenshot - Account collection tasks on iPad

Account collection tasks on iPad

Profitable growth starts with managing revenue

Efficient management of your revenue processes is not only key to profitable growth it is also fundamental to customer satisfaction. If your ordering process is in one system, but invoicing and collections is in another, then the potential for errors, delays and mis-communication is big. Our online accounting software embeds your billing, payment tracking and collections activity alongside your sales and service apps.

  • Turn opportunities, orders, cases or timecards into invoices with a single click
  • Ensure what was ordered is what was invoiced
  • Keep a close eye on overdue customer balances and disputed invoices
  • Make collections a team sport - sales, service and finance all have the same info
  • Help bill faster, get paid sooner, reduce disputes
Screenshot - Full 360 account view for Sales & Service

Full 360 account view for Sales & Service

Financial insight for sales and services

Financial information about customers, vendors and business partners has historically been locked away deep in accounting system silos. Sadly, this can make your company look disjointed. When an account executive can’t see that a customer isn’t paying their bills while trying to close on a big order, it can be frustrating. Give your customer facing teams the financial background they need to serve your customers while preserving the financial goals of your company.

  • Ensure no surprises for sales who are trying to sell to customers who aren’t paying bills
  • Help customer service agents be better informed for payment related questions
  • Resolve dispute quicker when all departments have shared view of the customer
  • Get Real-time billing and payment details on a single account page
  • Use cross departmental Chatter conversations on disputed and unpaid documents
Screenshot - Ratio analysis report with embedded Chatter

Ratio analysis report with embedded Chatter

Improve decision making across the organization

Provide the financial information your teams need to make better decisions anytime, anywhere, across the organization. Whether it’s richly formatted financial statements in the boardroom, detailed transaction reporting or financial dashboards on your favorite tablet or mobile device, FinancialForce Accounting delivers.

  • Get full drill down and full drill across type reports
  • Get alerts when financial thresholds are exceeded
  • View departmental dashboards that combine sales, service calls, billing, collections and related expenses on a single page
  • Deliver financial reporting and key metrics straight from the cloud to your browser, tablet or mobile devices
  • Eliminate emails by using Chatter on reports, accounts and transactions

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