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The Top Accounting App on the Salesforce Platform

FinancialForce cloud accounting software is a simple, yet powerful, accounting application that is straightforward to learn, easy to implement and trouble-free to maintain.

The multi-everything cloud accounting engine

At the application’s core is an innovative accounting engine that can accommodate the most diverse or complex enterprise requirements. It includes advances like a single ledger design and a multidimensional chart of accounts, which will give you real-time business intelligence and help you shorten period close cycles. The cloud accounting software engine includes sophisticated accounting components such as multi-currency, global tax and multi-company accounting capabilities across the entire system.

General Ledger – flexible, efficient and always in balance

Screenshot - Currency revaluation

Currency revaluation

The general ledger has been built to accommodate your most diverse business requirements and provides the basis for deep financial analysis. Guaranteed to always be in balance, the application provides ironclad audit trails and complete drill down to originating transactions.

  • Get flexible, multi-dimensional chart of accounts
  • Handle multi-currency and multi-company transaction
  • Transfer costs between companies or business units with an inter-company journal
  • Perform accruals with automatic reversing journals
  • Automatic calculation of cumulative, year-to-date budgets for each period

Real-time reporting and visibility

Screenshot - Ratio analysis report with embedded Chatter

Ratio analysis report with embedded Chatter

FinancialForce Accounting is built for the fast-paced and competitive business era in which we live. Unlike on-premises accounting systems of the past, FinancialForce Accounting is a 100% real-time and perpetually closed system. Its unique single ledger eliminates subledger reconciliations and laborious period-close processes. It is built for real-time financial analysis and modeling, not just to generate financial statements.

  • See real time P&Ls online from anywhere on any device
  • Close the books faster and spend more time on analysis
  • Use standard report templates or create your own customized dashboards


Accounts Payable – streamlined, controlled invoice to pay processing

Screenshot - Finance homepage

Finance homepage

Streamline and automate accounts payable processing by establishing your own workflow and authorization processing rules. Configure routing pathways to match your organizational structure and control processes. Add requisitioning, purchases order and invoice matching capabilities with FinancialForce Spend Management.

  • Reduce keystrokes with document templates and electronic invoicing
  • Set vendor credit limits and credit terms by vendor account
  • Pay vendors by check or electronically
  • Automatically calculate due dates and settlement discounts, based on vendor terms
  • Prevent payment of duplicate invoices
  • Define your own check print formats

Accounts Receivable – streamlined, seamless opportunity to cash processing

Screenshot - AR dashboard on iPad

AR dashboard on iPad

Because the FinancialForce Accounts Receivable shares the same account object as Salesforce CRM, your opportunity to cash process is efficient, accurate and optimizes cash flow. Invoices are created accurately the first time and posted in real time to the Accounts Receivable system where you have complete visibility to your customer’s credit standing alongside sales and service activity in a single location.

  • Create invoices from Salesforce opportunities in a single click
  • Set credit terms both globally and by customer account
  • Automatically calculate of due dates and settlement discounts
  • Automatically calculate payments to invoices based on document references and amounts
  • See a 360º view of your customer’s orders, invoices, payments, deliveries, opportunities and cases in a single location

Cash Management – optimize your cash flow and working capital

Screenshot - Bank file field mapping

Bank file field mapping

Because FinancialForce cloud accounting software is a real time system, your cash balance is always up to date and ready to reconcile with your bank accounts, across any currency you wish to transact in. Easily monitor and forecast cash from dashboards that can viewed online from any device.

  • Establish multiple bank accounts in different currencies
  • Pay customer refunds from A/R without duplicating records in A/P
  • Record one-off payments to vendors and refunds to/from vendors
  • Automatically reconcile your bank statements without re-keying
  • Record bank charges and interest shown on your bank statement