Cloud ERP Software for Salesforce - ERP at Customer Speed℠

Cloud ERP solutions in a customer led economy.

In today’s digital world, customers are in the driver's seat and your competition is but a click away. Having a customer service department and using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is not enough in this “Age of the Customer”. Customers demand more – instant answers and deeper access to ERP information that is beyond the reach of CRM and your customer service staff. Customer facing processes, especially those that cross the world of CRM and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), need to be frictionless and error free to create satisfying customer experiences. 

Ironically, you’ll need to save time and money to improve customer experiences.

Only by removing barriers and busting internal silos can you increase visibility and compress time out of processes to meet customer expectations. does this by aligning your systems of engagement with your systems of record. That is why we built our cloud ERP software on the world leading cloud platform and CRM engine provided by, enabling you to instantly leverage the latest cloud, social, mobile and customer facing technologies. Our suite of cloud ERP solutions is designed to support customer facing employees so that every customer engagement is easy, enjoyable, and useful.

Business software that is easy to buy, deploy, learn, and extend.

Unlike ERP software systems of the past, cloud ERP software is built to change, upgrade and configure. Our cloud platform allows companies to get started very quickly—even one app at a time. Our ‘configure before coding’ approach and the 2,000 apps in the ecosystem make it easy to customize and evolve your solution.

Increase the pace of your business. Keep pace with your customers.

An efficient, frictionless cloud ERP software system running at customer speed presents your customer with one unified, informed voice across their entire journey with your company. When all your systems are running fast, efficiently and are aligned around the complete customer journey–at that point–you have achieved ERP at Customer Speed℠.