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Platform reporting - shared reporting & analytics for front and back office

Screenshot - Platform report builder

Platform report builder

Your sales, marketing and support teams have long embraced the power, ease of use and flexibility of the native report builder. Now you can leverage the exact same reporting genius for your back office data. Filter, sort, chart and drill-down into your project, billing and accounting data using a common reporting tool used across your entire business. Plus you can generate those reports and dashboards wherever and whenever your team needs them via browser, tablet or mobile device.

  • Use same reporting toolset and skills as sales, marketing & support
  • Combine CRM, financial and project data
  • Secure profiles control report and data visibility
  • Get an automated snapshot of report data to support trend analysis
  • Customize and add extensions as needed

Financial report writer - boardroom quality reporting

Screenshot - Ratio analysis report with embedded Chatter

Ratio analysis report with embedded Chatter

When it comes time to present richly formatted, high quality financial statements and report packs to your board members, senior stakeholders and the outside world then the FinancialForce Reporting tool fits the bill. It provides a sophisticated row and column based reporting engine that makes complex reporting requirements easy, e.g. multiple queries in a single report, row and column level filtering, CSS style sheets and embedded Chatter in the generated report.

  • Get started fast with an extensive library of ready to run report templates
  • Use friendly report prompts and filters
  • Capture and store helpful Chatter conversations within the generated report
  • Get high quality financial reports, ratio analysis and operating statements as standard
  • Store and maintain report definitions and report data, all on the platform

Output Builder - dynamic document generation and publishing

Screenshot - Output Builder status report

Output Builder status report

FinancialForce Output Builder provides a simple yet powerful way to format and distribute information straight from your apps. With flexible .html style markup you can create robust and customized documents, e.g. project status reports or budgets, to share information internally and externally on a moment’s notice. Set .html emails or documents for automatic distribution and never worry about keeping an important stakeholder out of the loop.

  • Create highly customizable documents with .html style formatting
  • Generate PDF or Excel documents to automatically distribute to stakeholders
  • Store a version of each shared document on the record
  • Get high quality financial reports, ratio analysis and operating statements as standard
  • Schedule automatic distribution of reports