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Customization & extension

Extend your apps, leverage your Salesforce skills

Screenshot - FinancialForce objects in standard mobile apps

FinancialForce objects in standard mobile apps

Most likely your team has modified and extended your Salesforce CRM and Call Center apps to meet the unique requirements of your business. Through simple point-and-click wizards you’ve created your own page layouts, built powerful formulas, designed workflows and may even have created your own custom objects and home grown apps. The great news is that your FinancialForce apps, built natively on the platform, can also be modified and extended in just the same way, using the same tools and techniques.

  • Extend FinancialForce objects with custom fields, formulas and workflows
  • Tailor page layouts to meet the needs of your users
  • Define lookup relationships to standard and custom objects
  • Add Publisher Actions and Chatter Feeds to FinancialForce objects
  • Simply add FinancialForce data to your existing Salesforce mobile apps

Upgrade friendly, no waiting to adopt new features

Screenshot - Publisher actions on iPhone

Publisher actions on iPhone

In the old days, customization of back office systems was something you tried to avoid. It usually meant two things: great expense, and broken upgrades (leaving you marooned on an outdated version). Thankfully those old days are gone.

  • Customize with no risk of breaking upgrades
  • Preview new features and adopt as soon as they become available
  • Don’t get “locked-in” to a specific version
  • Customize to fit your business while staying on standard, fully supported releases

Drive automation with FinancialForce APIs

Screenshot - FinancialForce API Reference

FinancialForce API Reference

Point-and-click configuration is indeed the fastest and easiest way to customize, but some functionality may be required that goes beyond the declarative framework. We make it easy with FinancialForce APIs. Our solutions support standard Salesforce APIs which are supplemented by business process APIs e.g. document posting, billing event generation, cash matching, budget loading, etc.

  • Leverage standard Salesforce APIs for CRUD operations from FinancialForce objects
  • Implement business logic for complex processes from FinancialForce APIs
  • See for best practices, technical reference, code samples