FinancialForce ClickLink

Compress implementation time, increase agility. Click don’t code!

Screenshot - Field mapping in ClickLink

Field mapping in ClickLink

ClickLink™ is your implementation team’s best friend. Business analysts and administrators get a point and click definition of business rules to easily transform data between objects on the Salesforce Platform without coding. Everyone can focus on identifying efficient workflows across the business, instead of getting bogged down in repetitive coding, testing and packaging efforts.

  • Get object to object field mapping
  • Transform master and related details in a single operation
  • Deploy rule changes without recompilation or packaging
  • Transfer rules between orgs via export/import

Eliminate re-keying

Screenshot - List of ClickLink rules for Service Cloud

List of ClickLink rules for Service Cloud

Wherever there is a requirement to take data in Salesforce objects and turn them into FinancialForce transactions, then ClickLink rules is your secret weapon. So whether you need to raise sales invoices from orders, generate employee reimbursements from expense reports, load journals from a 3rd party app on the AppExchange or generate accounting transactions from your own custom objects, ClickLink rules will ensure you don’t have to rekey or import/export ever again.

  • Supports standard CRM, managed package and custom objects
  • Supports all FinancialForce document types
  • Performs a drill back to originating source record from target record

Fits the way you work

Screenshot - ClickLink job scheduling

ClickLink job scheduling

Once you’ve defined your field mapping rules, ClickLink also gives you a choice of how and when those rules are invoked. So whether it's simple user click via a button on a page layout, selecting sets of data from a list view, or “lights out” processing via a scheduled batch job, ClickLink lets you choose the method that best suits the way you work.

  • System generated code for page layout and list view buttons
  • Schedule any rules for recurring, unattended operation
  • Built-in logging mechanism for audit trails and error reporting