CRM, Professional Services & Accounting bookends

End to end in Salesforce

FinancialForce Accounting and PSA both reside on the same cloud platform as Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Platform. They share the same infrastructure, database, development tools, reporting tools, user interface - even the same user logins. The applications are literally embedded together, making the lines between applications indiscernible. From a user’s perspective this simplifies user adoption and enables cross training between functions. In fact, the skills of your Salesforce CRM system administrator are completely transferable to FinancialForce Accounting and PSA.

Streamline the opportunity to cash cycle

The real power of the end-to-end solution is in how it enhances your business processes and reporting. For instance, FinancialForce Accounting can create sales orders or invoices directly and automatically from Salesforce opportunities, quotes or custom objects. This kicks off the accounting portion of the CRM to the accounting process, creating a full transactional record that begins at the opportunity and flows automatically through accounts receivable to the general ledger. This seamless process eliminates manual activities and  automates the opportunity to cash process.

Deliver a 360° view to customer facing employees

With the complete CRM, professional services automation and accounting process in one database, the system can now serve as a single point of reference for everyone involved. Key customer facing employees can be given a 360° view of the sales, service and financial activity for their accounts, giving them the knowledge to manage the client relationship more effectively, improving satisfaction and driving sales.


  • CRM, PSA and Accounting all on one platform –  an end to end solution
  • Automates the opportunity to cash cycle
  • Eliminates manual entry and re-keying and cuts period close
  • Improves DSO (days sales outstanding) and cash positions
  • Delivers a clean, auditable transaction process
  • A single database gives 360° view of your customers