Connect it, Extend it, Grow it develops great applications, yet even we admit that we can’t meet 100% of every company’s needs. Your requirements are unique, so no system will be a perfect fit.

That is why we give you a variety of application options to suit the special needs of your business.

There are other apps for that

Leverage the AppExchange ecosystem

The Salesforce Platform AppExchange has over 1000 applications offering a variety of functions and industry solutions. It is the most extensive marketplace for pre-integrated business applications in the world.

There’s your app for that

Build your own cloud applications 5 times faster at ½ the cost

The Salesforce Platform development environment allows you to develop your own cloud applications, often without programming. You can also easily extend FinancialForce Accounting and PSA using the same tools and techniques.

There’s your integrated app

Build real-time integration with other cloud or on-premises based systems

Leverage the extensive APIs and development environment provided by and on the Salesforce Platform. This includes integrations to on-premises based systems using web services. Not technical? Use FinancialForce integration wizards. Need to integrate data from spreadsheet? Use FinancialForce XL.

There’s your extended app

Add and customize your system using Salesforce Platform tools

Add fields and other information to FinancialForce Accounting and PSA without interfering with your upgrade path. Add new tables or objects alongside FinanicalForce applications, using FinancialForce’s objects as the foundation for your custom application.