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In the current "normal" economic environment, businesses are looking for new ways to grow while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line. Most companies are already running lean and need fundamentally new ways to conduct business to make a substantial difference to both their top and bottom lines.  FinancialForce business applications and cloud computing represent a potential game changing strategy to transform and position your organization to compete effectively in this hyper-competitive environment. 

The choice between cloud vs on-premises applications

From an IT perspective, most companies have come to the realization that traditional on-premises based systems are expensive to implement, own and maintain. More importantly, the majority of IT resources at most organizations are focused solely on maintaining legacy applications, not on delivering new initiatives.  Cloud computing on the other hand, eliminates the majority of day-to-day IT headaches. It allows you to shift IT resources to projects that have more strategic impact. Moreover, a large number of IT analyst firms have confirmed that cloud based applications are 30-40% more cost effective than their on-premises forebears. In short, cloud computing is a more strategic and cost effective solution.

FinancialForce Accounting on an iPad

Real-time applications for real-time business

Business today needs to be conducted efficiently at internet speed and able to leverage the increasing capabilities of mobile devices and virtual office environments. FinancialForce applications are designed to serve as the financial and project information hub in this environment. They are real-time applications, built to mitigate time lags and unnecessarily long period close processes.  They provide unparalleled ways to capture and store financial information so you can analyze and measure your business. The application’s multi-dimensional database is complemented by a full array of reporting and dashboard tools available on the Salesforce Platform. This includes the ability to push information to mobile devices while your employees are out of the office, at a customer or supplier site. And finally, has harnessed the power of Chatter, a Facebook-like collaboration tool that allows your employees to collaborate in real-time across departmental barriers like never before.

As The Cloud Applications Company, believes that business applications are the most important element of a company’s IT strategy. That is why we focus 100% on developing applications while leveraging the considerable power of the Salesforce Platform. Learn more about our Accounting and Professional Services Automation apps.

Cloud apps highlights

  • Lower IT costs
  • More strategic use of IT resources
  • Real time cloud accounting, professional services automation and reporting
  • Access information anytime, anywhere on any device

About cloud accounting 

At its core, our cloud accounting app has an innovative accounting engine which leverages the technological and virtual workplace enabled by cloud computing. The engine contains a central set of accounting components that are embedded in a Salesforce environment - making it the perfect financial complement to Salesforce CRM.  

Benefits of cloud accounting:

  • Create an order from a Salesforce opportunity or quote in a single click
  • Generate invoices automatically from approved orders or Salesforce opportunities
  • See a real-time snapshot of your organization's financial status and performance
  • Flexible chart of accounts
  • Multi-dimensional analysis
  • Multicompany, multicurrency, global tax, multicultural
  • Install FinancialForce Sales Orders or Billing independently and integrate with you legacy ERP systems

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